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Hello my name is Saige and Japanese is fun and the teachers are nice and not like some of those mean teachers in school. Our sensei (sensei means teacher if you did not know) is really kind and if you do not want to do something at that time she will not make you do it at that time. The kids are really nice and there is no mean kids at this FUN school. We steady,play games, and watch movies. All ages and levels are together so we can all help each other. People earn free time by getting a row filled with stickers you just need five stickers to get free time. IT''S LOT''S OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taisei center is a great way to learn Japanese. I already knew some Japanese when I first came to the center, wanting to keep the new language up. I''ve now been at the center for about two summers and I''ve done more than just keep the (Japanese) language up, I''ve learned new characters and increased my reading speed in this new language. Another cool thing is Taisei centers location. It is located near the Asian food and book store, Uwajimaya. There you can try exotic foods and buy Asian books and supplies (if you want).

Taisei prepared me very well for entering college level Japanese courses... in fact, in college, I started in second year level Japanese and am currently at the top of my class.
At Taisei you can go at your own pace and learn as much as you want.  I liked the small classes that allowed us to do fun activities, such as games, cooking classes, and Japanese crafts, in addition to learning Kanji and spoken Japanese.  It was fun to know that I was learning the same material that Japanese kids learn in school from actual Japanese text books.
-Kelly Boies

Taisei was very beneficial to my daughter in several ways.  She learned Japanese much quicker than in a regular classroom because the classes at Taisei are small and instruction is adapted to each student's needs.  Hanae has a wonderful knack with kids of all ages, makes learning fun and also gently encourages the students to do more than they think they can.  My daughter not only learned a lot of Japanese but also gained confidence in herself as a learner.  Although she is only a High School senior now, she has qualified to enroll in a second-year college-level Japanese course!  I would highly recommend Taisei Center to anyone wishing to learn Japanese.

"Current unofficial letter grade is A+. Great job! So far, you received the highest score in this class." from PCC Japanese 2" from PCC progress report.
Our daughter, Kelly (Grade 12) was well prepared to go into the second year Japanese class at PCC.  Just wanted to thank you because your classes had a lot to do with her being so successful this year! Nov 8 2011 -Elizabeth Boies (Kelly's mother)

My daughter Maya was recently accepted to two top universities in Japan, Doshisha and Ritsumeikan. At Doshisha, she anticipates studying Global Communications in the Japanese language section. There, she looks forward to saber fencing on the national level. Currently, there are no American undergraduate degree candidates at Doshisha. This extraordinary achievement came through hard work, and through the support of Taisei Academy. Kaneko and the team at Taisei have been with Maya every step of the way, providing support in written and spoken Japanese language. As parents, we could not be more pleased with the role Taisei Learning Center has played in helping Maya achieve her dream. Happy New Year's and thank you to Taisei!

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